I'm Liz.

I'm a software developer.

I love creating and building things. The problem-solving process of creation first drew me towards the fine arts and has now drawn me to software development. While designing a website for my artwork, I desired to go a bit further and do something outside of the template I was working in. Through that desire, I was introduced to a bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After that, the world of software development opened up and I climbed down the rabbit hole.

When I am not exploring the vast universe of software development, I am probably painting or adventuring the great outdoors with my husband and my pup. Feel free to check out my artist website as well, www.lizaitkenart.com.

Here are a few of my projects...

Sponsored Children Project App

Application created in order to optimize the organization of a non-profit that aids kids with school supplies.

Traveling Tails

Optimizes traveling with one's dogs by giving the user the ability to pinpoint pet-friendly locations.

Dangerous Diving

A 2D side-scrolling game immersing the player in an underwater adventure.

Software Development Skills

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